Working Online Using Articles

How to make money online writing Articles

How to make money online writing Articles

Making Money producing articles is easier than alot of people think. I know this as i spent 2-3 years working online without even looking at an article and the task of writing one was very daunting to me.

I use to think i could never write about something in 500 words, so i put it off as much as i could. But the truth is that articles are a very important and highly valuable part of any Internet marketers tool’s.

How to make money online writing Articles

Articles play a key role in many ways!!!

  1. Direct marketing – using a link to a product page- making a sale and getting commission.
  1. Backlinks – articles linking to your website or product page will get ranked higher with backlinks.
  1. Other Internet marketers with use your articles for their website and pages giving you even more backlinks and huge power with just one article.
  1. With more articles you write will come more backlinks – higher page ranks – more traffic and more money
  1. This Is a key fact articles are for life and produce your lifelong traffic.

Worried about writing articles??

Guess what so was i until i sat down and just started to write.

Everyone will tell you theirs a huge amount of skill to writing articles in the correct way, which I’m sure their is, but if your writing about something you love and have great amounts of knowledge on, then i think who cares about it being amazing that others are asking your secrets, to me that’s not what its about.

My Rules to follow when i write an article.

  1. make it about something you know.
  1. just think about writing it, it will take you a week this way!! just sit down and start writing you can spell check and run over it after you are done.
  1. don’t give up because your thinking its no good.
  1. When using keywords try and put it in your article at the top, middle and bottom. Try and have it in the tittle and use it in your keywords.

Some Small tips that will help, but also enjoy it. If you are trying to write about a subject you know little on nothing about do one of two things.

  1. read lots of other articles on this subject then start writing your own take on it, BUT NEVER copy. When i first start working online i tried to copy everyone’s work or put a spin on it,, and i can tell you its a waste of time, you will not get ranked on google and your articles will never get on any article base.

I always start writing my article with its a great place to practice writing articles because its just like writing in a file, with no sign up and your knol will always be published, all you need is a GMail account, which if your looking to start working online you will need.

My top 3 Article directory

  1.   –   Just a great place to write your starting article, edit and get ready to send it out.
  1. Articlesbase  –  I love articlesbase so easy to use, not a huge amount of info require and every article ive ever wrote has been published by them, fast and with no problem.
  1. Goarticles  –  Again same as above really, super fast and easy to use.

If you really feel you cant manage to write an article then their is a huge amount of help and marketers that will do it for you, know matter what topic you need.

This can set you back a lot of money tho if you don’t know the right places to get it done.

The best place to get this done is, its cheap and if you find the right people can be very good indeed.

Fiverr is a place where you post jobs you are willing to do for…… $5

So if your looking for someone to write you an article on lets say working online, you would type in the search article writer, the results will show and you can scroll though till you find one that sounds good.

Be careful of which job you get done, just be sure to look into their comments to make sure they are of a good standard.

Articles are so important and everyone working online from marketing to food to dating will use them. So start writing them get in the practice and before you know it you could be working online writing articles for others.


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