The 9 platforms to sell digital products online

The 9 platforms to sell digital products

If you came across this article, it’s because certainly you have in mind to sell digital products, right?

When we talk about digital products, we are talking about different products such as ebooks, e-books, video training or other things like services.

You can even sell physical products of course.

And often the thorniest question is which platform you can sell your products on, in the best way possible.

The 9 platforms to sell digital products

There is no shortage of choice and that is precisely what can make your decision even more difficult.

That’s how I came up with the idea of writing this article to show you the platforms at your disposal to sell your digital products.

If you have a Youtube channel, an Instagram account or you have a blog for example, you may be looking for a tool to sell your products? You need a simple and functional tool that allows you to sell all types of products you have. A simple link to your shop or a link to your product should be your priority.

You will see that there are different tools online, more or less easy to use, more or less affordable from the point of view of price. It’s up to you to make the best choice to sell your digital products.

Also be aware that I have classified the different platforms and tools to sell digital products according to my preferences.

I based myself on the criteria of price, ease of use and functionality that the platform offers.

1- Sellfy, the simplest and most affordable

Sellfy, the simplest and most affordable

Sellfy is for me the best platform to sell digital and digital products. It’s a platform that allows you to have a real online store. You can then sell digital products, subscriptions and even physical goods.

This is one of the really alternative shops to Shopify that will save you a lot of time. You’ll have your shop turnkey, easy to create and very convenient for your customers.

🙂This is certainly the most complete and also the aesthetics of all of them.

Include Sellfy’s “buy now” buttons, widgets of your products or even a full store on your website or social networks with a simple link.

The advantage of SellFy is that you also have included email software, tools to make additional sales, discount codes, analysis to track buyers and sales, integration of Zapier and Facebook Live, etc.

Use PayPal or Stripe to accept payment.

Price: Plans start from $19 per month if you choose an annual payment.

Small snag: you can absolutely sell everything, videos, music, ebooks etc, but you can’t sell courses online.Try Sellfy now

2- Selz: a real online shop

Selz: a real online shop

Again, this is a good alternative to Shopify to tell you how much you can create a real online store.

Selz is a platform for selling digital and physical products. It’s really a great platform in terms of functionality. You’ll be surprised to know what you can do. You can even sell your videos and stream them online. Protect your intellectual property with license keys as well. This is really a professional shop that you are going to have.

Use buttons, widgets and a built-in store to sell on social networks or even on your website. You will also be given promotional tools, coupons and discounts for your customers.

Trade in about 100 currencies. Use Selz Pay to process all major bank cards or PayPal.

Price: Rates start at $26 per month.

3 E-junkie: the most minimalist of tools

E-junkie: the most minimalist of tools

E-junkie is a platform to sell files, books, books, generated keys or software, with download links that expire if you want.

I was frankly amazed to see what could be done on Ejunkie and especially the ease of this platform.

It must be said that they have really made life easier for people who want to sell digital products easily.

Again, you have different features with discounts and discount coupons, an affiliate program and promotional gifts.

Like the other platforms mentioned so far, E-junkie also supports the sale of physical products with the calculation of taxes and shipping costs and inventory management. Price:

Packages start at $5 per month for 10 products for sale with 200MB of storage.

From now on, I will show you more tools that allow you to sell without having as much a real shop for your products. Basically, it means that these will be products that you can incorporate on your site or blog.

4- SellWire, the simple plugin to set up

SellWire, the simple plugin to set up

Sellwire is a tool to easily sell digital products online. With SellWire, you can have “buy now” links or buttons.

It’s ideal if you don’t want to clutter up a shop and you already have a blog.

SellWire is very popular among bloggers as it is a very simple tool to use.

Sellwire supports PayPal and Stripe.

Price: Plans start at $9 per month for up to 10 files for sale.

That said, this, is not an online store that you can create with SellWire. Let’s say it’s still a plugin if you have a wordpress site.

5- FastSpring: a professional plugin

FastSpring: a professional plugin

FastSpring is close to SellWire but it turns out it’s frankly more professional. It is also a complete tool that allows you to sell digital products but also monthly subscriptions, for example.

FastSpring integrates with WordPress, AdRoll, Google Analytics, Impact (affiliate marketing). Offer buyers around the world multiple payment methods, currencies and languages.

It is more of an SAAS to sell products online, to integrate into your site for example.

6- SimpleGoods:The simplest pop-up.

SimpleGoods:The simplest pop-up

Simple Goods is a simple way to sell digital products of all kinds. You can add a pop-up window to any website or, if you don’t have a website, sell through hosted payment pages.

I must say that I really like this tool because it goes straight to the essentials. Moreover, it integrates with WordPress, Squarespace and other third-party applications.

The tool supports multiple currencies and even credit cards.

Price: You can use this tool for free if you have less than 3 products for sale. Not bad, right?

7- SendOwl: the most used

SendOwl: the most used

SendOwl is a platform for selling digital products – downloads, memberships, subscriptions. It is certainly one of the oldest on the market. This explains why many web-entrepreneurs still use it today.

It remains a reliable tool, it must be said.

Digital products can be sold by email, on social networks or even on your website in an integrated way.

SendOwl offers an integrated affiliate system, pre- and post-payment incentive sales, discount codes and paid prices.

SendOwl accepts credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and even Bitcoin!

Price: The standard plan is $15 per month for 30 products and 3GB of storage. If you have less than 30 products, you can use SendOwl for only 9 euros per month! Admit it’s cheap!

8- Gumroad: The most free of them all

Gumroad: The most free of them all

Well, so far, I’ve shown you platforms to sell rather affordable digital products.

But with Gumroad, it’s even better. This is one of the only ones you can use for free.

It’s a simple e-commerce service that allows creators to sell digital products, books, including subscriptions, software license keys and even pre-orders.

Customers can also pay what they want. That is true that it is an option that can be offered.

9- Easy Digital Downloads: the best on WordPress

Easy Digital Downloads: the best on WordPress

Finally, I’d like to talk about a perfect tool for those who have a site on wordpress. Easy Digital Downloads lets you sell digital products via WordPress. You can sell PDF files, videos, music, etc.

It offers discount codes and tracking of download activities. Set the file download limit and the expiration of the link.

I must admit that it is still an excellent tool even if I do not use it personally.

It is also one of the most complete but of course it is one of the most expensive.

Price: Plans start at $99 per year.

This is a good tool if you already have a certain substance as a creator and seller of digital products.

So so for the 9 platforms that allow you to sell your digital products online easily. Which one do you want to use or which one you already use?


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